Les Visions Melancholies d'une Chaisse sans Nourriture.
I made a giant game of Pacman. Half motivated by boredom, half motivated by a desire to express my fear of the technocratic-hypermediated mumbo-jumbo blah blah blah life, it's huge and it's kinda neat.

125 things to do with a bucket.
The name is pretty straightforward: what are all the things you can do with a bucket? If you've got any ideas leave them as comments. Maybe I'll register a wacky domain name and make a website where people can upload their own bucket uses. Pictured: wear it as a hat.

Captain Freedom's Breakfast Brigade
Faced with the possibility of not getting our Sizzex breakfast on Independence Day, we waited all night to make sure we were the first in line, in a camp dubbed "Camp Freedom."

If I had a flagship project this would be it. Gullible is a site I've been running since September of last year where I make up trivia and post it there. It's a very simple concept, but it has been quite popular.
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I started Call the Internet on a whim because we get four phone lines in our dorm room, each with free incoming calls. That got me to thinking about ways to maximize the freeness.
The Progressive Center for Responsible Values is the front group for my anti-Red-on-UPN campaign. Maybe if I come up with another campaign, I'll use this as a front group for it, too. It did spawn the Responsible Manifesto, so it can't be all bad.
Honestly, I have nothing against Pope Benedict, I think he's got to be a great person to ascend to the papacy. I do think that the way the public was treating him and his *ZOMG NAZI!!!* ties was a bit ridiculous -- so some friends and I started this site.
I'm not really sure what this "does" yet. I know that there are at least two rounds to the application process. It's a project I used to teach myself PHP (with lots of help from my brother), and maybe when I get super good, I'll finish it up.
This is my personal webpage. I've got some portfolio type stuff and some stories and some pictures on it. Basically I have it because I want to have my email address be at
In July of 2004, my brother and I started a corporation that specializes in political web design and online application development. If we can ever get it done, we've got a really awesome customer management system for political campaigns that is in the works.
I've got some friends with a really sweet band, and in exchange for a copy of their future CDs, I made them a website. A fair trade, I do think.

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