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Al Gore's new climate talk

This is really powerful stuff. Everyone should take 30 minutes out of their life and watch this. I don't want to spoil the best parts, but here's a preview of the real emotional climax: "How many generations in all of human history have had the opportunity to rise to a challenge that is worthy of our best efforts?"

Literally the greatest literally site around

Literally is "an English language grammar blog tracking abuse of the word 'literally'", and I'd be hard-pressed to love it more.

We’re not sure which episode from yesterday to highlight first, but we’ll start with one that we haven’t posted yet on The Caucus. And that’s the outpouring of anger and insults by former President Bill Clinton in talking about his wife's chief rival, Senator Barack Obama, while at Dartmouth in the late afternoon.

He literally shocked his audience, by criticizing Mr. Obama and his campaign, pointing his finger and raising his already hoarse voice. Link

Not many people know this, but I have a super power. My power is the ability to make improper uses of the word "literally" come true. I don't use it that often. And luckily for the people in the aforementioned blog, I can only do it when the grammatical mistake is made in my presence. Consider yourself warned.

You're not my father!

Beautiful pixel sofa

I want one of these. Thanks, Nick!

I've been thinking about projects to undertake this summer, and one thing that crossed my mind was learning how to upholster. I'm trying to find high-impact hobbies with minimal upfront investment in terms of tools. I'd need some cloth, a sewing machine, a staple gun... what else?

How to distinguish a dandy

#3 A Dandy knows how to dress for a given occasion. If you see a man walking down the street in a tuxedo at 11:00 AM, he is no Dandy. A Dandy would know not to wear evening clothes during the day.

What does Facebook have up its sleeve?

Update: Turns out this is old news

I was poking around on Facebook this afternoon and came across this interesting line of code in one of their javascript files:,"fbChatWindow","status



Those are some interesting error messages, I do say! I wonder what they're for, or when we'll see them in use?

In case you're wondering, I've got a somewhat sordid history with The Facebook.

Update 2 Really old news....

It's coming soon...