Where in the world is Kyle?

This is what I'll be visiting today. Anyone know where I am? Please help me, I'm lost and scared. Send help!

The New Cuzin Chubby Show!

Your penny has been found... but it was a tough one to recover

In the sliding track of an elevator.

Short story: Continuity of Parks

I came across this short story last night by Julio Cortázar.

He had begun to read the novel a few days before. He had put it down because of some urgent business conferences, opened it again on his way back to the estate by train; he permitted himself a slowly growing interest in the plot, in the characterizations. That afternoon, after writing a letter giving his power of attorney and discussing a matter of joint ownership with the manager of his estate, he returned to the book in the tranquility of his study which looked out upon the park with its oaks.

You should click this link and keep reading... it's really short, I promise.

Thanks, Dan and Dan's lit professor.

Question: Which is cooler e8 or e85?

Cooking eggs - a primmer

I have found more of your pennies

Found at 22nd & I Streets NW

Found at 9th Street & Rhode Island Avenue NW