John Hodgman's new book is out on October 21st

"You know, my regret from the first book, is that it did not lead people to worry that I was insane."

John Hodgman's newest book More Information Than You Require is set to hit the shelves on October 21st.

Perhaps you have not heard of John Hodgman. He is the author of Areas of My Expertise, a sweeping epic set in late 18th century France beautifully showing the tragedy of a three-generation family torn apart by ever the looming revolution. Or something like that. I've never read it either.

More pictures from the Convention

Sen. Chris Dodd (CT)

Gov. Bill Richardson (NM)

John Oliver (The Daily Show!)

I spent yesterday learning Final Cut Pro and creating some videos for the Convention website. I've got some more footage ready to go, and as soon as I'm done typing this out, I'm going to get that cut.

Greetings from Denver, CO

Hello, Internet.

I'm coming to you LIVE from Denver, Colorado, where I'm working with the DNCC online team on the Democratic Convention Website. If you've got a chance, you should absolutely check out our video gallery. It's live streaming HD, and the quality is really quite breathtaking. You'll have to get Microsoft SilverLight and another plugin, but trust me, it's worth it.

I'm back in the Internet team's area at the Pepsi Center where there are 25 or so of us banging away on the aforementioned video content, website updates, online advertising, and photography. It's an awesome group of people with a lot of strong skills. I'm looking forward to seeing what we're able to pull off over the next four days.

Already, I've run into a number of people I know and ended up hanging out last night with Ian and some delegate friends of his. It's awfully nice to be able to walk down a random street in a city I've never been to before and run into folks I know. I suppose the convention biases things, and it also doesn't hurt that I was in the vicinity of a youth-targeted event. But still, it's a reminder of the tininess of this world we're kicking around in.

Random but worth noting: I've also picked up a new nickname from a random person on the street... "Box".

Bonus: Here's a picture from the convention floor.

If any of you are in Denver or the surrounding area, drop me a line. I'll be here until Saturday afternoon.

Great animation, great video

An interview with John Lennon

Moore's Paradox

If you want your car detailed at 2 a.m.

I know just the folks. Their truck is always parked on my street. I know for a fact that they do great work:

Good tip for getting corn off the cob

Simply Recipes has this easy way to get corn off of the cob.

Rich pointed out that he doesn't ever take corn off the cob; I suppose the same point applies for me, too. But should I need to, I will be able to.

Razume will help get you a better job

Here's a brief intro to the idea.

It's worth pointing out that I both co-founded Razume, and made this video.