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Bailing out Detroit

I've not posted on current affairs much beyond technology policy, privacy, and civil liberties. But I think this is a fine time for a foray into such matters. The American auto industry is in a downturn, and I'm not alone in my opinion that the management of the companies is largely to blame. As such, I'm very conflicted about how to handle the situation.

There are clear reasons why it is important for America to maintain a strong manufacturing capacity -- national security, among those reasons -- but we are a free market society and absent the threat of failure, it seems as if there is little incentive for innovation and competition. I don't want to see the massive unemployment that would occur should one of the big American auto companies go under. I'm having a hard time articulating exactly how I feel about this, and my passions are only skin deep. Bailout or no, my life will probably not be affected. That's why I really liked what Jake Brewer had to say in this article on Huffington Post. I've run into Jake a few times around DC and online before, but didn't know about his history...

In the 27 years we've been a family, our story has never been more important to the country. On the one hand, if we don't bailout your company and the backbone of our economy, it seems we're doomed. On the other, if we don't work now for our future and a transition to a clean energy economy, we're doomed. It's heart wrenching, Dad. I'll go ahead and tell you now that I will help you, but I need you to be willing to help me too. Please hear me out.

My entire conscious life has been directly connected to you, General Motors and the Saturn plant in Spring Hill. The "Saturn" part of our story is especially important because it was a car and an entire company designed in the 1980's in response to Japanese vehicles that were kicking American ass during an energy crisis.

It hits so close to home right now, it hurts.

If you're trying to make sense of where the divide, Jake does a good job of bringing clarity to the articulation of these torn loyalties. Read a son's open letter to his father.

Hit play on this video. It will make your day! (Or scare you.)

Jukebox the Ghost video on MTV

Fellow GW alum, Jukebox the Ghost's video Victoria will premier on MTV2's Subterranean at around 1 AM EST. Here's the video if you're reading this from the future after this event has transpired or aren't able to get to a teevee. (And yes, Ben really is that pixelated in real life.)

I'm so excited to see their continued success -- though not very surprised by it. They've been kicking ass and taking names since they were The Sunday Mail playing house parties at the Blue Door. Strange to think that was almost four years ago. Keep up the awesomeness, okay??

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I posted this last Halloween, but it's good enough that I'll be posting it every year.

"Werewolf Bar Mitzvah, spooky scary. Boys becoming men, men becoming wolves."

I have Rahaf to thank for reminding me that this video exists.


Even if you don't know Emily Axford, you'll still like this video.