DLCCWeb on techPresident

My big project for the 2008 election, DLCCWeb, was featured in a blog post at techPresident today. I'm excited to see it finally getting some Internet love, as it's been floating below the mainstream tech radar for quite sometime now. As the post points out: Presidential technology is sexy and gets headlines, but there are huge gains to be made on the local level as well. From the article:

So it doesn’t surprise me that many have missed one of the more fascinating online programs this cycle: The Democratic Legisative Campaign Committee’s DLCCWeb program.

Developed for the DLCC by Wired for Change the concept is simple: For $40 a month any Demcoratic State legislative candidate can have a website, online contribution system with ActBlue, and the web marketing tools they need to make their web program successful.

Compared to just one cycle ago and the dizzying array options at the time – ranging from too expensive to taking too much time – the DLCCWeb is a much simpler and cheaper option for your state legislative campaigns. With this price tag everyone from low-cost campaigns in New Hampshire to high-cost large campaigns in states like Texas and California found ways to use it to help their campaign.

Matt Compton, the DLCC Communications Director, did some deserved bragging at the DLCC blog – calling attention to this “long tail” of political campaign services. The result is over 300 websites that were launched through the program in the 2008 cycle. These sites generated 13.9 Million views, generated 2,798,496 emails to supporters and voters, and raised $444,098.99 in donations.

And to think... this all was born from a conversation Steve and I had about how there were no good tech solutions for state legislators.