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Man held by US for 5 years without being charged

This is an absolute embarrassment to everything for which America should stand. It goes against all of our guiding principles. This sort of perversion of justice does more to discount the sacrifices of those who have fought and died for freedom than anything else any outsider or foreign enemy could ever do.

...as a judge eventually pointed out, something else was amiss: Benatta was never charged with a crime.

The FBI grillings stopped sometime in November 2001, when an internal report was prepared saying he was cleared. On paper, he was no longer a terror suspect.

No one bothered to tell him.

December turned to March with Benatta still under lockdown in Brooklyn, without any contact with the outside world. "Each day, with that kind of conditions, is like a year," he said.

If stories like this become the norm, there will be no question in my mind that terrorism will have indeed defeated a once-great nation.


An Observation on Fear

This represents another example of fear and paranoia allowing the US Constitution to be trampled into the mud.

What more can I say... I support and defend the Constitution but the present administration treat it (the Constitution) like a football to be kicked into whatever political goal they feel will protect their possesion of power.