A dorm has been named in my honor

Stoneman Hall. That's right folks. I have donated enough money to The George Washington University to have a building named after me. Or at least, it appears that way on thefacebook.

How did you do this? Thefacebook is now quite large, and I was sure they didn't have the time, resources, or interest in checking all information on their site. That being the case, it would be a simple matter to have a few seemingly random, unconnected people email in all saying the same thing, and convince them that a new residence hall had opened. So that's what I did. I worked with some friends, and some friends of friends, and had a diverse set of people send in about the new building.

Add a few weeks into the mix, and now the hall is a "reality."

Why did you do this? Because I could. I suppose little things like this keep me off the streets. At least I'm not using my social engineering powers for evil. (Yet.)