This page is a collection of descriptions of myself, which I have written for various reasons in various moods.
I have decided to keep a website up to date with my current escapades, my writing for gullible.info, and a sort of general record of my thoughts and actions. I'll warn you in advance, some of this might be interesting, and some of this might not be interesting -- and a good portion of it probably isn't even true. My apologies, but this is my site, so it is more about me than it is about you.

I'll try to keep it up to date, I know I'll be putting at least the daily Gullible.info email up most days. So there should usually be something new most days. At any rate, my name is Kyle H. Stoneman. Online, I will often go by the name Legatissimo. It's a musical term meaning very legato, and that means smooth and well connected. Here is a picture of me:

If it looks like I don't trust you, that's because I don't. So watch yourself; you're probably up to no good.

This site is a collection of my writing, both on a personal level (e.g., boring journal type stuff) and the writing I do for the Gullible.info daily emails (e.g., funny, offbeat stuff).

Maybe if I feel motivated to do so, I'll fill out one of those stupid quizzes kids are taking these days and put it up here. Or maybe I'll write my own.

At one point there were a number of things one should know about Kyle H. Stoneman. This number was five. (1.) Stoneman is a senior majoring in Political Communication; just barely a twenty-something with a degree in Political Communication from George Washington University (2.) presently he is focused on web design and other sort of online mumbo-jumbo; (3.) his only goal in life is to earn enough money to afford a house with secret passages (how much money this ends up being is of little consequence); (4.) he believes that "internet" and "web" should both be lowercase words, and that (5.) one can end a sentence with a preposition, if one wants to.

This is no longer the case.

Head in the clouds and feet on the ground.

Favorite Color: Gendale